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Fund policies
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Title: Greece : Ex-Post Evaluation of Exceptional Access Under the 2012 Extended Arrangement-Press Release; Staff Report;and Statement by the Executive Director for Greece
Author/Editor:International Monetary Fund. European Dept.
lblSeries:Country Report No. 17/44
Title: Capital Account Convertibility: Review of Experience and Implications for IMF Policies
Author/Editor:Evens, Owen ; Quirk, Peter J.
lblSeries:Occasional Paper No. 131
Subject: Capital account ; Convertibility ; Capital controls ; Fund policies
Title: Fiscal Management of Scaled-Up Aid
Author/Editor:Gupta, Sanjeev ; Schwartz, Gerd ; Tareq, Shamsuddin ; Allen, Richard ; Adenauer, Isabell ; Fletcher, Kevin ; Last, Duncan
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 07/222
Subject: Development assistance ; Fiscal policy ; Public finance ; Government expenditures ; Fund policies
Title: Gender Budgeting
Author/Editor:Stotsky, Janet Gale
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 06/232
Subject: Gender equality ; Budgeting ; Government expenditures ; Fiscal policy ; Fund policies
Title: International Monetary Fund Handbook : Its Functions, Policies, and Operations
Author/Editor:Parmeshwar Ramlogan ; Bernhard Fritz-Krockow
Subject: Fund policies ; Fund history ; Fund
Title: The Role of MULTIMOD in the IMF's Policy Analysis
Author/Editor:Isard, Peter
lblSeries:Policy Discussion Paper No. 00/5
Subject: Fund policies ; Economic models

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