The United States Economy: Performance and Issues

Author/Editor: Horiguchi, Yusuke
Publication Date: January 15, 1992
Summary: This book, by a staff team headed by Yusuke Horiguchi, examines U.S. economic policy and performance in the 1980s, during which the United States enjoyed its longest peacetime expansion. Notwithstanding the buoyant growth and declines in inflation, the economy experienced low savings, current account deficits, swings in the dollar exchange rate, and structural problems--relating to the strength of financial institutions, the tax system, health care, and productivity.
Subject(s): Economic conditions | Economic policy | United States

Notes Staff team headed by Yusuke Horiguchi included Charles Adams, Krister Andersson, A. Lans Bovenberg, Bankim Chadha, Daniel Citrin, David T. Coe, Sharmini Coorey, Robert Corker, Liam P. Ebrill, Owen Evans, Steven M. Fries, Lloyd Kenward, and Ellen M. Nedde.
Publication Date: January 15, 1992
ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-55775-231-4 Format: Paper
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