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Thailand: The Road to Sustained Growth

Author/Editor: Kochhar, Kalpana | Dicks-Mireaux, Louis | Horváth, Balázs | Mecagni, Mauro | Offerdal, Erik | Zhou, Jian-Ping
Published: December 13, 1996

Summary: Since the mid-1960s, Thailand's growth performance has been exceptional. Although hard hit by the external shocks of the late 1970s and the early 1980s that proved severely destabilizing to many developing countries, Thailand showed remarkable resilience: price stability was quickly restored, and the Thai economy emerged from this period with strong recovery in growth and investment, in an environment of overall macroeconomic stability. This study examines the evolution of investment growth and Thailand's macroeconomic and structural policies with a view to understanding the main factors that have led to this impressive economic performance.
Series: Occasional Paper No. 146
Subject(s): Economic growth | Thailand | Investment
    Published:   December 13, 1996        
    ISBN/ISSN:   ISBN 1-55775-603-1   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   S146EA0000000   Pages:   vi+42
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