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November 2014
Title: Implementing AML/CFT Measures in the Precious Minerals Sector : Preventing Crime While Increasing Revenue
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Mathias ; Bert Feys
Series: Technical Notes and Manuals No. 2014/1
Date: November 07, 2014
Subject(s): Money laundering | Smuggling | Revenue administration | Tax evasion | Tax evasion
October 2014
Title: Fiscal Multipliers : Size, Determinants, and Use in Macroeconomic Projections
Author/Editor: Nicoletta Batini ; Luc Eyraud ; Lorenzo Forni ; Anke Weber
Series: Technical Notes and Manuals No. 2014/4
Date: October 02, 2014
Subject(s): Fiscal policy
July 2014
Title: Prevention and Management of Government Arrears
Author/Editor: Suzanne Flynn ; Mario Pessoa
Series: Technical Notes and Manuals No. 2014/3
Notes: Full text also available in French and Spanish.
Date: July 09, 2014
Subject(s): Arrears | Public finance | Public financial management
June 2014
Title: Revenue Administration : Administering Revenues from Natural Resources - A Short Primer
Author/Editor: Andrea Lemgruber
Series: Technical Notes and Manuals No. 2014/2
Date: June 17, 2014
Subject(s): Natural resource taxation | Natural resources | Revenue administration | Tax administration
February 2014
Title: Direct Reporting of Private Sector Cross-Border Financial Flows and Stocks in Selected African Countries
Author/Editor: Simon Quin ; Kenneth Egesa ; Howard Murad
Series: Technical Notes and Manuals No. 2013/2
Date: February 27, 2014
Subject(s): Balance of payments statistics | Ghana | Gambia, The | Kenya | Mauritius | Nigeria | Mozambique | The Gambia

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