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Title: Adjusting to New Realities: MENA, The Uruguay Round, and the EU-Mediterranean Initiative
Author/Editor: Alonso-Gamo, Patricia ; Fennell, Susan ; Sakr, Khaled
Series: Working Paper No. 97/5
Date: January 01, 1997
Subject(s): Trade | Middle East | Africa | Trade liberalization | Multilateral trade negotiations | European Economic and Monetary Union | World Trade Organization
Title: Aging in the Asian "Tigers": Challenges for Fiscal Policy
Author/Editor: Heller, Peter S.
Series: Working Paper No. 97/143
Date: October 01, 1997
Subject(s): Fiscal policy | Asia | Pensions | Health care | Aging
Title: An Analysis of External Debt and Capital Flight in the Severely Indebted Low Income Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Ajayi, Simeon Inidayo
Series: Working Paper No. 97/68
Date: June 01, 1997
Subject(s): External debt | Sub-Saharan Africa | Low income developing countries | Capital outflows
Title: Are Business Cycles Different in Asia and Latin America?
Author/Editor: Hoffmaister, Alexander W. ; Roldos, Jorge E.
Series: Working Paper No. 97/9
Date: January 01, 1997
Subject(s): Business Cycles | Asia | Latin America | Economic models
Title: Are Currency Crises Predictable?
Author/Editor: Goldfajn, Ilan ; Vald├ęs, Rodrigo O.
Series: Working Paper No. 97/159
Date: December 01, 1997
Subject(s): Currencies | Exchange rates
Title: Aspects of Fiscal Performance in Some Transition Economies Under Fund-Supported Programs
Author/Editor: Buiter, Willem H.
Series: Working Paper No. 97/31
Date: April 01, 1997
Subject(s): Fiscal policy | Centrally planned economies | Fund-supported adjustment programs | Economic models
Title: Aspects of the Monetary Transmission Mechanism under Exchange Rate Targeting: The Case of France
Author/Editor: Levy, Joaquim Vieira Ferreira ; Halikias, Ioannis
Series: Working Paper No. 97/44
Date: April 01, 1997
Subject(s): Monetary policy | France | Exchange rates | European Economic and Monetary Union | Economic models
Title: The Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy on Job Creation and Destruction
Author/Editor: Garibaldi, Pietro
Series: Working Paper No. 97/57
Date: April 01, 1997
Subject(s): Monetary policy | Economic models
Title: Authorities' Roles and Organizational Issues in Systemic Bank Restructuring
Author/Editor: Nyberg, Peter
Series: Working Paper No. 97/92
Date: July 01, 1997
Subject(s): Bank restructuring | Bank supervision