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Title: Neglected Heterogeneity and Dynamics in Cross-Country Savings Regressions
Author/Editor: Ul Haque, Nadeem ; Pesaran, M. Hashem ; Sharma, Sunil
Series: Working Paper No. 99/128
Date: September 01, 1999
Subject(s): Savings | OECD | Economic models
Title: Nominal Exchange Rates and Nominal Interest Rate Differentials
Author/Editor: Nadal-De Simone, Francisco ; Razzak, Weshah
Series: Working Paper No. 99/141
Date: October 01, 1999
Subject(s): Exchange rates | Interest rate differential | Bond markets | Economic models
Title: Nonrenewable Resources - A Case for Persistent Fiscal Surpluses
Author/Editor: Alier, M. ; Kaufman, Martin David
Series: Working Paper No. 99/44
Date: April 01, 1999
Subject(s): Fiscal policy | Chile