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Title: Optimal Bank Recovery
Author/Editor: C. A. E. Goodhart ; Miguel A. Segoviano Basurto
Series: Working Paper No. 15/217
Date: September 30, 2015
Subject(s): Bank resolution | Banks | Bank supervision
Title: Public Debt in Advanced Economies and its Spillover Effectson Long-Term Yields
Author/Editor: C. Emre Alper ; Lorenzo Forni
Series: Working Paper No. 11/210
Date: August 01, 2011
Subject(s): Spillovers | Public debt | Bonds | Developed countries | Economic models | Emerging markets | Interest rates
Author's Keyword(s): Spillovers | public debt | long-term real rates
Title: Pricing of Sovereign Credit Risk : Evidence From Advanced Economies During the Financial Crisis
Author/Editor: C. Emre Alper ; Lorenzo Forni ; Marc Gerard
Series: Working Paper No. 12/24
Date: January 01, 2012
Subject(s): Credit risk | Developed countries | Global Financial Crisis 2008-2009 | Risk premium | Sovereign debt
Author's Keyword(s): Advanced economies | sovereign spreads | fiscal risks.
Title: Structural Breaks in Fiscal Performance: Did Fiscal Responsibility Laws Have Anything to Do with Them?
Author/Editor: Caceres, Carlos ; Corbacho, Ana ; Medina, Leandro
Series: Working Paper No. 10/248
Date: November 01, 2010
Subject(s): Business cycles | Commodity price fluctuations | Cross country analysis | Developed countries | Economic models | Fiscal analysis | Fiscal policy | Latin America | Legislation
Author's Keyword(s): Fiscal Responsibility Laws | Fiscal Institutions | Fiscal Performance.
Title: Sovereign Spreads: Global Risk Aversion, Contagion or Fundamentals?
Author/Editor: Caceres, Carlos ; Guzzo, Vincenzo ; Segoviano Basurto, Miguel A.
Series: Working Paper No. 10/120
Date: May 01, 2010
Subject(s): Bonds | Cross country analysis | Economic models | Financial crisis | Fiscal policy | Global Financial Crisis 2008-2009 | Risk premium | Sovereign debt | Spillovers
Author's Keyword(s): Sovereign spreads | contagion | market price of risk | fiscal policy
Title: From Basel I to Basel III: Sequencing Implementation in Developing Economies
Author/Editor: Caio Ferreira,Nigel Jenkinson,Christopher Wilson
Series: Working Paper No. 19/127
Date: June 14, 2019
Title: From Basel I to Basel III: Sequencing Implementation in Developing Economies
Author/Editor: Caio Ferreira,Nigel Jenkinson,Christopher Wilson
Series: Working Paper No. 19/127
Date: June 14, 2019
Title: Determinants of Bank Interest Margins in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Calixte Ahokpossi
Series: Working Paper No. 13/34
Date: January 31, 2013
Subject(s): Banking sector | Sub-Saharan Africa | Interest rates | Profit margins | Cross country analysis
Title: Financial Depth in the WAEMU : Benchmarking Against Frontier SSA Countries
Author/Editor: Calixte Ahokpossi ; Kareem Ismail ; Sudipto Karmakar ; Mesmin Koulet-Vickot
Series: Working Paper No. 13/161
Date: July 03, 2013
Subject(s): Financial sector | West African Economic and Monetary Union | Sub-Saharan Africa | Nonoil developing countries | Cross country analysis | Economic models
Title: A Constrained Choice? Impact of Concessionality Requirements on Borrowing Behavior
Author/Editor: Calixte Ahokpossi ; Laurence Allain ; Giovanna Bua
Series: Working Paper No. 14/176
Date: September 24, 2014
Subject(s): Concessional aid | Conditionality | Low-income developing countries | External borrowing | External debt limits
Title: Monetary and Fiscal Policies and the Dynamics of the Yield Curve in Morocco
Author/Editor: Calixte Ahokpossi ; Pilar Garcia Martinez ; Laurent Kemoe
Series: Working Paper No. 16/103
Date: May 23, 2016
Subject(s): Bond yields | Morocco | Bond markets | Monetary policy | Fiscal policy | Econometric models | Vector autoregression
Title: Aging, Secular Stagnation and the Business Cycle
Author/Editor: Callum Jones
Series: Working Paper No. 18/67
Date: March 23, 2018
Title: International Spillovers of Forward Guidance Shocks
Author/Editor: Callum Jones,Mariano Kulish,Daniel M. Rees
Series: Working Paper No. 18/114
Date: May 15, 2018
Title: Household Leverage and the Recession
Author/Editor: Callum Jones,Virgiliu Midrigan,Thomas Philippon
Series: Working Paper No. 18/194
Date: August 30, 2018
Title: Does Financial Connectedness Predict Crises?
Author/Editor: Camelia Minoiu ; Chanhyun Kang ; V.S. Subrahmanian ; Anamaria Berea
Series: Working Paper No. 13/267
Date: December 24, 2013
Subject(s): Global Financial Crisis 2008-2009 | Financial crisis | Banking crisis | Financial risk | Economic integration
Title: Global Poverty Estimates : A Sensitivity Analysis
Author/Editor: Camelia Minoiu ; Shatakshee Dhongde
Series: Working Paper No. 11/234
Date: October 01, 2011
Subject(s): Developing countries | Income distribution | National accounts
Author's Keyword(s): global poverty | sensitivity analysis | household surveys | national accounts | income distribution | international poverty line
Title: Dominant Currency Paradigm: A New Model for Small Open Economies
Author/Editor: Camila Casas,Federico Diez,Gita Gopinath,Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
Series: Working Paper No. 17/264
Date: November 22, 2017
Title: Government Financial Assets and Debt Sustainability
Author/Editor: Camila Henao Arbelaez,Nelson Sobrinho
Series: Working Paper No. 17/173
Date: July 25, 2017
Title: Reserve Currency Blocs: A Changing International Monetary System?
Author/Editor: Camilo E Tovar Mora,Tania Mohd Nor
Series: Working Paper No. 18/20
Date: January 24, 2018
Title: Does Central Bank Capital Matter for Monetary Policy?
Author/Editor: Camilo Ernesto Tovar Mora ; Pedro Castro ; Gustavo Adler
Series: Working Paper No. 12/60
Date: February 01, 2012
Subject(s): Developed countries | Emerging markets
Author's Keyword(s): Central bank capital | central bank financial strength | monetary policy