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Title: Politically Optimal Fiscal Policy
Author/Editor: Yakadina, Irina ; Kumhof, Michael
Series: Working Paper No. 07/68
Date: March 01, 2007
Subject(s): Public debt | Gross domestic product | Tax changes
Author's Keyword(s): Optimal Fiscal Policy | Incomplete Asset Markets | Political economy | government debt bias
Title: Monetary Policy Credibility and Exchange Rate Pass-Through
Author/Editor: Yan Carriere-Swallow ; Bertrand Gruss ; Nicolas E Magud ; Fabian Valencia
Series: Working Paper No. 16/240
Date: December 13, 2016
Subject(s): Monetary policy | Exchange rate pass-through | Consumer prices | Price stabilization | Emerging markets | Developed countries | Cross country analysis
Title: Capital Account Policies in Chile Macro-financial considerations along the path to liberalization
Author/Editor: Yan Carriere-Swallow ; Pablo Garcia-Silva
Series: Working Paper No. 13/107
Date: May 14, 2013
Subject(s): Capital account | Chile | Capital account liberalization | Capital controls | Financial crisis | Monetary policy | Inflation targeting | Global Financial Crisis 2008-2009
Title: The Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Consolidation in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Latin America
Author/Editor: Yan Carriere-Swallow,Antonio David,Daniel Leigh
Series: Working Paper No. 18/142
Date: June 13, 2018
Title: No Pain, All Gain? Exchange Rate Flexibility and the Expenditure-Switching Effect
Author/Editor: Yan Carriere-Swallow,Nicolas E Magud,Juan Yepez
Series: Working Paper No. 18/213
Date: September 28, 2018
Title: Dealing with Private Debt Distress in the Wake of the European Financial Crisis A Review of the Economics and Legal Toolbox
Author/Editor: Yan Liu ; Christoph B. Rosenberg
Series: Working Paper No. 13/44
Date: February 20, 2013
Subject(s): Financial crisis | Europe | Private sector | Corporate sector | Debt burden | Debt restructuring | Cross country analysis
Title: From West to East : Estimating External Spillovers to Australia and New Zealand
Author/Editor: Yan Sun
Series: Working Paper No. 11/120
Date: May 01, 2011
Subject(s): Asia | Commodity prices | Emerging markets | External shocks | Financial sector | Regional shocks | Spillovers | Terms of trade
Author's Keyword(s): Spillovers | business cyles | Australia | New Zealand
Title: Cross-Country Linkages in Europe : A Global VAR Analysis
Author/Editor: Yan Sun ; Frigyes F Heinz ; Giang Ho
Series: Working Paper No. 13/194
Date: September 11, 2013
Subject(s): Economic integration | Europe | Euro Area | Developed countries | Emerging markets | Cross country analysis | Economic models
Title: The Driving Force behind the Boom and Bust in Construction in Europe
Author/Editor: Yan Sun ; Pritha Mitra ; Alejandro Simone
Series: Working Paper No. 13/181
Date: August 21, 2013
Subject(s): Infrastructure | Europe | Euro Area | Housing | Tourism | Economic conditions | Demand | Business cycles | Developed countries | Developing countries | Cross country analysis
Title: Remittances in Pakistan : Why have they gone up, and why Aren't they coming down?
Author/Editor: Yan Sun ; Udo Kock
Series: Working Paper No. 11/200
Date: August 01, 2011
Subject(s): Capital inflows | Migration | Workers remittances
Author's Keyword(s): Workers Remittances | Migration | Pakistan
Title: Local Housing Market Cycle and Loss Given Default: Evidence from Sub-Prime Residential Mortgages
Author/Editor: Yanan Zhang ; Lu Ji ; Fei Liu
Series: Working Paper No. 10/167
Date: July 01, 2010
Subject(s): Housing | Loans | Housing prices | Business cycles | Economic models
Title: Transport Infrastructure, City Productivity Growth and Sectoral Reallocation: Evidence from China
Author/Editor: Yang Yang
Series: Working Paper No. 18/276
Date: December 11, 2018
Title: How Does Post-Crisis Bank Capital Adequacy Affect Firm Investment?
Author/Editor: Yangfan Sun ; Hui Tong
Series: Working Paper No. 15/145
Date: June 30, 2015
Title: Korea’s Paradigm Shift for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth: A Proposal
Author/Editor: Yangkyoon Byeon,Kwanghae Choi,Heenam Choi,Jun I. Kim
Series: Working Paper No. 17/260
Date: November 21, 2017
Title: Debt Sustainability in Low-Income Countries : Policies, Institutions, or Shocks?
Author/Editor: Yasemin Bal Gunduz
Series: Working Paper No. 17/114
Date: May 09, 2017
Title: Do IMF-Supported Programs Catalyze Donor Assistance to Low-Income Countries?
Author/Editor: Yasemin Bal-Gunduz ; Masyita Crystallin
Series: Working Paper No. 14/202
Date: November 12, 2014
Subject(s): Fund-supported adjustment programs | Low-income developing countries | Official development assistance | Econometric models | Variables (Mathematics)
Title: Measuring the Informal Economy in the Caucasus and Central Asia
Author/Editor: Yasser Abdih ; Leandro Medina
Series: Working Paper No. 13/137
Date: May 31, 2013
Subject(s): Shadow economy | Central Asia | Tax burdens | Labor markets | Economic models | Cross country analysis
Title: Remittances Channel and Fiscal Impact in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia
Author/Editor: Yasser Abdih ; Ralph Chami ; Christian Ebeke ; Adolfo Barajas
Series: Working Paper No. 12/104
Date: April 01, 2012
Subject(s): Capital inflows | External shocks | Middle East and Central Asia | Private consumption | Tax revenues | Workers remittances
Author's Keyword(s): Remittances | Private demand | Tax revenues | Instrumental variables | Panel data
Title: What is Keeping U.S. Core Inflation Low : Insights from a Bottom-Up Approach
Author/Editor: Yasser Abdih ; Ravi Balakrishnan ; Baoping Shang
Series: Working Paper No. 16/124
Date: July 05, 2016
Subject(s): Inflation | United States | Goods | Services | Health care | Monetary policy | Inflation measurement | Econometric models | Forecasting models
Title: Understanding Euro Area Inflation Dynamics: Why So Low for So Long?
Author/Editor: Yasser Abdih,Li Lin,Anne-Charlotte Paret
Series: Working Paper No. 18/188
Date: August 22, 2018