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Title: Official Demand for U.S. Debt: Implications for U.S. Real Interest Rates
Author/Editor: Iryna Kaminska ; Gabriele Zinna
Series: Working Paper No. 14/66
Date: April 18, 2014
Subject(s): Bonds | United States | Demand | Interest rates | Foreign investment | Bond markets | Economic models
Title: Official Financial Flows, Capital Mobility, and Global Imbalances
Author/Editor: Tamim Bayoumi ; Joseph E. Gagnon ; Christian Saborowski
Series: Working Paper No. 14/199
Date: October 30, 2014
Subject(s): Capital flows | Foreign exchange reserves | Current account balances | Foreign exchange intervention | Cross country analysis | Regression analysis
Title: Oil Price Volatility and the Role of Speculation
Author/Editor: Samya Beidas-Strom ; Andrea Pescatori
Series: Working Paper No. 14/218
Date: December 12, 2014
Subject(s): Oil prices | Commodity price shocks | Vector autoregression | Econometric models
Title: On the use of Monetary and Macroprudential Policies for Small Open Economies
Author/Editor: F. Gulcin Ozkan ; D. Filiz Unsal
Series: Working Paper No. 14/112
Date: June 24, 2014
Subject(s): Macroprudential Policy | Monetary policy | Small open economies | Emerging markets | Entrepreneurship | External borrowing | Financial stability | Econometric models
Title: Optimal Maturity Structure of Sovereign Debt in Situation of Near Default
Author/Editor: Gabriel Desgranges ; CĂ©line Rochon
Series: Working Paper No. 14/168
Date: September 12, 2014
Subject(s): Sovereign debt | Debt burden | Default | Financial institutions | Econometric models
Title: Optimal Prudential Regulation of Banks and the Political Economy of Supervision
Author/Editor: Thierry Tressel ; Thierry Verdier
Series: Working Paper No. 14/90
Date: May 28, 2014
Subject(s): Bank supervision | Bank capital | Regulatory forbearance | Prudential bank regulations | Political economy | Moral hazard
Title: Output Gap in Presence of Financial Frictions and Monetary Policy Trade-offs
Author/Editor: Francesco Furlanetto ; Paolo Gelain ; Marzie Taheri Sanjani
Series: Working Paper No. 14/128
Date: July 18, 2014
Subject(s): Economic growth | Business cycles | Monetary policy | Macroprudential Policy | Econometric models
Title: Oversight Issues in Mobile Payments
Author/Editor: Tanai Khiaonarong
Series: Working Paper No. 14/123
Date: July 15, 2014
Subject(s): Payment systems | Financial services industry | Information technology | Communications services | Safeguards system | Risk management | Low-income developing countries