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Title: The Distribution of Gains from Globalization
Author/Editor: Valentin F. Lang,Marina Mendes Tavares
Series: Working Paper No. 18/54
Date: March 13, 2018
Title: Doing More with Less: How Can Brazil Foster Development While Pursuing Fiscal Consolidation?
Author/Editor: Valentina Flamini,Mauricio Soto
Series: Working Paper No. 19/236
Date: November 01, 2019
Title: Credit Cycle and Capital Buffers in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic
Author/Editor: Valentina Flamini,Pierluigi Bologna,Fabio Di Vittorio,Rasool Zandvakil
Series: Working Paper No. 19/39
Date: February 22, 2019
Title: A Quantitative Analysis of Female Employment in Senegal
Author/Editor: Vivian Malta,Angelica Martinez,Marina Mendes Tavares
Series: Working Paper No. 19/241
Date: November 08, 2019
Title: Informality and Gender Gaps Going Hand in Hand
Author/Editor: Vivian Malta,Lisa L Kolovich,Angelica Martinez,Marina Mendes Tavares
Series: Working Paper No. 19/112
Date: May 23, 2019
Title: Wage Growth and Inflation in Europe: A Puzzle?
Author/Editor: Vizhdan Boranova,Raju Huidrom,Sylwia Nowak,Petia Topalova,Richard Varghese
Series: Working Paper No. 19/280
Date: December 20, 2019