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Title: Limits to Private Climate Change Mitigation
Author/Editor: Dalya Elmalt,Divya Kirti,Deniz O Igan
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/112
Date: April 29, 2021
Title: Competition vs. Stability: Oligopolistic Banking System with Run Risk
Author/Editor: Damien Capelle
Series: IMF Working Paper No. 2021/102
Date: April 23, 2021
Title: A Simple Macrofiscal Model for Policy Analysis: An Application to Morocco
Author/Editor: Daniel Baksa,Ales Bulir,Roberto Cardarelli
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/190
Date: July 16, 2021
Title: Tracing Productivity Growth Channels in the UK
Author/Editor: Daniel Garcia-Macia,Julia Korosteleva
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/273
Date: November 12, 2021
Title: Guaranteed Minimum Income Schemes in Europe: Landscape and Design
Author/Editor: David Coady,Samir Jahan,Baoping Shang,Baoping Shang,Riki Matsumoto
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/179
Date: July 02, 2021
Title: Initial Output Losses from the Covid-19 Pandemic: Robust Determinants
Author/Editor: Davide Furceri,Michael Ganslmeier,Jonathan David Ostry,Naihan Yang
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/018
Date: January 29, 2021
Title: Are Climate Change Policies Politically Costly?
Author/Editor: Davide Furceri,Michael Ganslmeier,Jonathan David Ostry
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/156
Date: June 04, 2021
Title: Will COVID-19 Have Long-Lasting Effects on Inequality? Evidence from Past Pandemics
Author/Editor: Davide Furceri,Prakash Loungani,Jonathan David Ostry,Pietro Pizzuto
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/127
Date: May 01, 2021
Title: The Rise in Inequality after Pandemics: Can Fiscal Support Play a Mitigating Role?
Author/Editor: Davide Furceri,Prakash Loungani,Jonathan David Ostry,Pietro Pizzuto
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/120
Date: April 30, 2021
Title: The Long-Run Impact of Sovereign Yields on Corporate Yields in Emerging Markets
Author/Editor: Delong Li,Nicolas E Magud,Alejandro M. Werner,Samantha Witte
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/155
Date: June 04, 2021
Title: When They Go Low, We Go High? Measuring Bank Market Power in a Low-for-Long Environment
Author/Editor: Deniz O Igan,Maria Soledad Martinez Peria,Nicola Pierri,Andrea F Presbitero
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/149
Date: May 27, 2021
Title: The Premia on State-Contingent Sovereign Debt Instruments
Author/Editor: Deniz O Igan,Taehoon Kim,Antoine Levy
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/282
Date: December 03, 2021
Title: Education and Health for Inclusiveness
Author/Editor: Deon Filmer,Roberta Gatti,Halsey Rogers,Nikola Spatafora,Drilona Emrullahu
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/060
Date: March 05, 2021
Title: The Short-Term Impact of COVID-19 on Labor Markets, Poverty and Inequality in Brazil
Author/Editor: Diala Al Masri,Valentina Flamini,Frederik G Toscani
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/066
Date: March 05, 2021
Title: Sizing Up the Effects of Technological Decoupling
Author/Editor: Diego A. Cerdeiro,Rui Mano,Johannes Eugster,Dirk V Muir,Shanaka J Peiris
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/069
Date: March 12, 2021
Title: Financial Regulation, Climate Change, and the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy: A Survey of the Issues
Author/Editor: Dimitri G Demekas,Pierpaolo Grippa
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/296
Date: December 17, 2021
Title: Chinese Investment in Latin America: Sectoral Complementarity and the Impact of China’s Rebalancing
Author/Editor: Ding Ding,Fabio Di Vittorio,Ana Lariau,Yue Zhou
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/160
Date: June 07, 2021
Title: Fintech and Financial Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Dmitry Gershenson,Frederic Lambert,Luis Herrera,Grey Ramos,. Marina V Rousset,Jose Torres
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/221
Date: August 20, 2021
Title: Impacts of Interest Rate Cap on Financial Inclusion in Cambodia
Author/Editor: Dyna Heng,Serey Chea,Bomakara Heng
Date: April 29, 2021