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Title: The Distributional Implications of the Impact of Fuel Price Increases on Inflation
Author/Editor: Kangni R Kpodar,Boya Liu
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/271
Date: November 12, 2021
Title: Defying the Odds: Remittances During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author/Editor: Kangni R Kpodar,Montfort Mlachila,Saad N Quayyum,Vigninou Gammadigbe
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/186
Date: July 16, 2021
Title: Is Mobile Money Part of Money? Understanding the Trends and Measurement
Author/Editor: Kazuko Shirono,Esha Chhabra,Bidisha Das,Yingjie Fan,Hector Carcel Villanova
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/177
Date: July 01, 2021
Title: Monetary Policy, Inflation, and Distributional Impact: South Africa’s Case
Author/Editor: Ken Miyajima
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/078
Date: March 19, 2021
Title: Monitoring the Climate Impact of Fiscal Policy - Lessons from Tracking the COVID-19 Response
Author/Editor: Khaled Eltokhy,Katja Funke,Guohua Huang,Yujin Kim,Genet Zinabou
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/259
Date: October 29, 2021
Title: Capital Markets, COVID-19 and Policy Measures
Author/Editor: Khalid ElFayoumi,Martina Hengge
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/033
Date: February 12, 2021
Title: Trade, Jobs, and Inequality
Author/Editor: Kimberly Beaton,Valerie Cerra,Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/178
Date: July 01, 2021
Title: Supply and Demand Effects of Unemployment Insurance Benefit Extensions: Evidence from U.S. Counties
Author/Editor: Klaus-Peter Hellwig
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/070
Date: March 12, 2021
Title: Predicting Fiscal Crises: A Machine Learning Approach
Author/Editor: Klaus-Peter Hellwig
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/150
Date: May 27, 2021
Title: Does a Wealth Tax Improve Equality of Opportunity? Evidence from Norway
Author/Editor: Kristoffer Berg,Shafik Hebous
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/085
Date: March 19, 2021