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Title: Safe Asset Demand, Global Capital Flows and Wealth Concentration
Author/Editor: Taehoon Kim
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/254
Date: October 22, 2021
Title: Pandemics and Automation: Will the Lost Jobs Come Back?
Author/Editor: Tahsin Saadi Sedik,Jiae Yoo
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/011
Date: January 15, 2021
Title: Growth at Risk from Natural Disasters
Author/Editor: Tamim Bayoumi,Saad N Quayyum,Sibabrata Das
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/234
Date: September 17, 2021
Title: Operational Resilience in Digital Payments: Experiences and Issues
Author/Editor: Tanai Khiaonarong,Harry Leinonen,Ryan Rizaldy
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/288
Date: December 10, 2021
Title: Global Corporate Stress Tests—Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Policy Responses
Author/Editor: Thierry Tressel,Xiaodan Ding
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/212
Date: August 06, 2021
Title: Determinants of Pre-Pandemic Demand for the IMF’s Concessional Financing
Author/Editor: Timothy Hills,Huy Nguyen,Randa Sab
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/015
Date: January 29, 2021
Title: No Easy Solution: A Smorgasbord of Factors Drive Remittance Costs
Author/Editor: Tito Nícias Teixeira da Silva Filho
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/199
Date: July 30, 2021
Title: A Quantitative Microfounded Model for the Integrated Policy Framework
Author/Editor: Tobias Adrian,Christopher J. Erceg,Marcin Kolasa,Jesper Lindé,Pawel Zabczyk
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/292
Date: December 17, 2021
Title: Does IT help? Information Technology in Banking and Entrepreneurship
Author/Editor: Toni Ahnert,Sebastian Doerr,Nicola Pierri,Yannick Timmer
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/214
Date: August 06, 2021