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Title: Flattening the Insolvency Curve: Promoting Corporate Restructuring in Asia and the Pacific in the Post-C19 Recovery
Author/Editor: W. A Bauer,R. S Craig,José Garrido,Kenneth H Kang,Kenichiro Kashiwase,Sun-Bin Kim,Yun Liu,Sohrab Rafiq
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/016
Date: January 29, 2021
Title: A Diversification Strategy for South Asia
Author/Editor: Weicheng Lian,Fei Liu,Katsiaryna Svirydzenka,Biying Zhu
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/202
Date: July 30, 2021
Title: Uncertainty and Public Investment Multipliers: The Role of Economic Confidence
Author/Editor: William Gbohoui
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/272
Date: November 12, 2021