IMF/BIS Conference on Real Estate Indicators and Financial Stability, Washington DC, October 27-28, 2003

BIS Papers
No. 21
Real Estate Indicators and Financial Stability

Proceedings of a joint conference organized by the BIS and the IMF in Washington DC, 27–28 October 2003
© Bank for International Settlements and International Monetary Fund
April 2005

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Foreword and Table of Contents (84 kb pdf)
Welcoming remarks (46 kb pdf)
    Horst Köhler
    Carol Carson
    Paul Van den Bergh

  1. Impact of real estate on financial and monetary stability
  2. (1,182 kb pdf)
        Robert Heath
        Haibin Zhu
        Thomas F Helbling
        Shigenori Shiratsuka

  3. Usefulness of available statistics
  4. (369 kb pdf)
        Stephan V Arthur
        Rupert Nabarro and Tony Key
        Boaz Boon
        Kathleen Stephansen and Maxine Koster

  5. Country experiences in the compilation of real estate price indices
  6. (671 kb pdf)
        Kelvin Fan and Wensheng Peng
        Estrella V Domingo and Reynaldo F Fulleros
        Christo Luüs
        Bruce Grimm
        Ivan Matalík, Michaela Skolkova and Jan Syrovatka

  7. Methodological issues regarding residential real estate prices
  8. (404 kb pdf)
        Bradford Case and Susan Wachter
        Robert Wood
        Paul Hilbers

  9. Methodological issues regarding commercial real estate prices
  10. (137 kb pdf)
        Donald R Haurin
        Jon Southard

  11. Hedonic real estate price indices
  12. (414 kb pdf)
        Marc Prud’Homme
        Luís Otávio Reiff and Ana Luiza Barbosa
        Anne Laferrère

  13. Aggregation issues
  14. (599 kb pdf)
        Henning Ahnert and Adrian Page
        Stephan V Arthur
        Anthony Pennington-Cross
        Robert J Shiller

  15. Valuation of real estate in special situations
  16. (290 kb pdf)
        Elvin Fernandez
        Mary O’Rourke and Susan Merrick
        Jeffrey D Fisher

  17. Areas of future work
  18. (169 kb pdf)
        David Fenwick

    Closing Remarks (25 kb pdf)
        Paul Van den Bergh
        Carol Carson