World Economic Outlook Database, April 2007

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5. Report for Selected Countries and Subjects

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       Shaded cells indicate IMF staff estimates
CountrySubject DescriptorUnitsScale2005200620072008
RussiaGross domestic product, constant pricesNational currencyBillions21614,70023062,88524538,91025986,705
RussiaGross domestic product, constant pricesAnnual percent change 6,46,76,45,9
RussiaGross domestic product, current pricesNational currencyBillions21614,70026621,30030237,63434445,568
RussiaGross domestic product, current pricesU.S. dollarsBillions763,878979,0481166,5601344,538
RussiaGross domestic product, deflatorIndex 100,000115,429123,223132,551
RussiaGross domestic product per capita, constant pricesNational currencyUnits150625,087161504,796172685,305183772,140
RussiaGross domestic product per capita, current pricesNational currencyUnits150625,087186423,669212788,388243591,320
RussiaGross domestic product per capita, current pricesU.S. dollarsUnits5323,1896856,0818209,3189508,272
RussiaGross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) valuation of country GDPCurrent international dollarBillions1576,2261727,3491877,2052031,705
RussiaGross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) per capita GDPCurrent international dollarUnits10984,15312096,28413210,27514367,758
RussiaGross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) share of world totalPercent 2,5732,6082,6512,686
RussiaImplied PPP conversion rateNational currency per current international dollar 13,46415,15115,99616,915
RussiaInflation, consumer pricesIndex, 2000=100 199,735219,067236,807254,459
RussiaInflation, consumer pricesAnnual percent change 12,79,78,17,5
RussiaCurrent account balanceU.S. dollarsBillions83,34895,60072,90267,797
RussiaCurrent account balancePercent of GDP 10,99,86,25,0
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