World Economic Outlook Database, October 2007

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5. Report for Selected Countries and Subjects

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       Shaded cells indicate IMF staff estimates
Antigua and BarbudaCurrent international dollarUnits12,841.84314,704.983
ArgentinaCurrent international dollarUnits14,512.54116,080.449
BrazilCurrent international dollarUnits9,547.97810,072.661
Costa RicaCurrent international dollarUnits10,814.42611,862.099
LibyaCurrent international dollarUnits12,027.01512,847.574
MexicoCurrent international dollarUnits10,625.91111,368.988
NorwayCurrent international dollarUnits42,383.05744,648.124
PolandCurrent international dollarUnits13,828.36315,148.956
South AfricaCurrent international dollarUnits12,173.45713,018.089
Trinidad and TobagoCurrent international dollarUnits15,180.78117,493.830
UruguayCurrent international dollarUnits10,843.98811,969.377
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