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Douglas Laxton

douglas-laxton-nov2016Douglas Laxton is Division Chief of the Economic Modeling Division (EMD) in the IMF's Research Department. He joined the Research Department in 1993 and has held numerous positions, including Advisor to the IMF's Economic Counsellor. The EMD is responsible for developing modern macro models to support the IMF's surveillance activities. Mr. Laxton has worked with many central banks over the years, developing forecasting and policy analysis systems to support inflation-forecast targeting frameworks. He has published many papers on a large range of topics, and builds multi-country models, and models of the oil market, to support the IMF’s surveillance activities. More recently, he has been working on models with strong macro-financial linkages designed to support macro prudential policies. Prior to joining the IMF, Mr. Laxton held numerous positions in the Research Department at the Bank of Canada (1981–1993) and was responsible for developing their modeling framework to support inflation targeting. He completed graduate work in economics in 1981 at the University of Western Ontario. For more details see


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