IMF External Sector Reports

The External Sector Report analyzes global external developments and provides updated staff assessments of economies’ external positions, including current account balances, real exchange rates, external balance sheets, capital flows, and international reserves. The report, which covers 28 of the world’s largest economies plus the euro area (representing over 85 percent of global GDP), comprises two papers: (i) an overview paper that emphasizes multilateral issues, showing how individual economies fit into the global picture and discussing policies needed to reduce global imbalances; and (ii) a set of individual external assessments, one for each economy.

The External Sector Report, produced annually since 2012, has become a key part of the IMF’s surveillance. External assessments are arrived at by integrating multilateral and country-specific perspectives, while ensuring individual economy assessments add up to a coherent, multilaterally consistent view.

June 23, 2017