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Listen to IMF economists and other experts discuss key economic and financial issues of the day. Click on the play button. Alternatively, download the audio MP3 file—a popular digital music format for sound files. Broadcasters: this facility is also being made available to enable these podcasts to be broadcast on radio outlets free of charge. Also available in SoundCloud

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Building Up India's Infrastructure Capacity

July 23, 2015

Trucks drive past a flyover under construction in India. The country needs to strengthen its capacity to guide public-private partnerships, says Lall. (photo: Reuters/Adnan Abidi/Corbis)

India has invested nearly half a trillion dollars in its infrastructure over the last decade, but finding the funding for mega-projects is only half the challenge. The head of one of the country’s leading infrastructure finance companies explains.

Rajiv Lall, Managing Director & Vice Chairman, Infrastructure Development Finance Company, India

The Global Implications of Lower Oil Prices

July 14, 2015

Fracking Tower in Colorado. Shale oil and new drilling technologies account for more than half of the decline in oil prices according to new IMF staff report(Chris Rogers/Corbis)

While lower oil prices can mean significant losses in revenue for some oil exporting countries, consumers should be paying less for fuel and have more money to spend. IMF’s Aasim Husain says the higher spending will be good for global growth.

Aasim Husain, Co-author and Deputy Director in the Middle East and Central Asia department of the IMF

Paying For the New Development Agenda

July 08, 2015

School children in Kampong Tralach village, Cambodia: IMF measures will help expand loan resources available to low-income countries (Michael Nolan/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis)

IMF board of Directors approved a package of proposals to help developing countries finance the new Sustainable Development Goals. IMF’s Sean Nolan says the package will enhance the financial safety net for low income countries and fragile states.

Sean Nolan, Deputy Director in the IMF’s Strategy Policy and Review Department

Global Trade Starts At Home

July 02, 2015

Border post in Chirundu Zimbabwe on border with Zambia where truckers often spend days waiting to clear their goods through customs (Gideon Mendel/Corbis)

Increasing trade can spur growth says Mari Pangestu of Jakarta’s center for Strategic and International Studies. In this podcast Pangestu talks about how efficient, open and fair regional trade agreements make for a healthier global trade environment.

Mari Pangestu, Director of Center for Strategic and International Studies in Jakarta.

Keeping the Glass Full in Burkina Faso

June 25, 2015

Water in town of Dano, Burkina Faso is precious and distribution is strictly regulated (Simone Bergamaschi/NurPhoto/Corbis)

The IMF recently published a study on the world’s water resource management challenges. Co-author Laure Redifer says Burkina Faso is an example of how efficient water resource management can improve a country’s economic prospects.

Laure Redifer, IMF Mission Chief for Burkina Faso

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