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Listen to IMF economists and other experts discuss key economic and financial issues of the day. Click on the play button. Alternatively, download the audio MP3 file—a popular digital music format for sound files. Broadcasters: this facility is also being made available to enable these podcasts to be broadcast on radio outlets free of charge. Also available in SoundCloud

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Building a Monetary Union in East Africa

February 26, 2015

New book published by IMF examines regional integration in East Africa.

The Quest for Regional Integration in the East African Community lays out all aspects of the ongoing financial integration process for Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Oral Williams, Co-author, and Deputy Division Chief in the IMF’s African Department

Boosting Women-Owned Businesses Key to Growth

February 23, 2015

More woman entrepreneurs would help recharge the global economy (Photo: Hero Images/Hero Images/Corbis)

Melanne Verveer , served as Ambassador-at-Large for global women’s issues under President Obama. She says more women in small and medium sized enterprises is a catalyst for growth.

Melanne Verveer: Executive Director of the Institute for Women, Peace and Security at Georgetown University

Preventing Another Plague

February 12, 2015

Limiting the international spread of infectious disease is difficult in a globalized world (photo: Alan Hindle/Corbis)

The World Bank has labeled global pandemic one of the greatest risks facing the world today, but according to one economist, preventing such a disaster is only a matter of political will.

Olga Jonas, World Bank Economic Advisor

IMF Grants Help Ebola-hit Countries Drive Down Debt

February 05, 2015

Men unload protective gear to combat Ebola in Liberia. Ebola has had a devastating effect on the economy (Photo: Ahmed JALLANZO/epa/Corbis)

The IMF will provide grants totaling $100 million to the three countries worst hit by the Ebola epidemic. Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone will use the funds to cover the cost of servicing their debt.

Sean Nolan, Director of the IMF’s Strategy, Policy, and Review Department

Economies of the Bottom Billion

January 30, 2015

Haiti has seen very little growth since the devastating earthquake in January 2010 (© Joel Addams/ Aurora Photos/Corbis)

New report on low income countries helps strengthen IMF's monitoring framework.

Chris Lane: IMF Division Chief, Strategy, Policy and Review
Amadou Sy: Senior Research Fellow, Africa Growth Initiative, Brookings Inst.

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