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Oil Price Plunge a Shot in the Arm for the Global Economy

A new blog by IMF Economic Counsellor Olivier Blanchard and Senior Economist Rabah Arezki includes scenarios that show falling oil prices will boost global GDP between 0.3 and 0.7 percent in 2015.

Gulf Banks Face Concentration Risks, IMF Study Says

While banks in the GCC countries are generally well capitalized, it is difficult for them to have a truly diversified credit portfolio given the structure of their economies, which exposes them to risks that require a greater amount of scrutiny, a new IMF study finds.

Moving On Up: The Growth Story of Frontier Economies

Fast growing, low-income countries known as frontier economies have their own growth story, and it’s not what you might think. Read more about why in this blog by the IMF’s Min Zhu.

Strong Reforms Offer Countries Path to High-income Status

Sub-Saharan Africa’s small middle-income countries should implement strong reforms to boost growth and avoid the “middle-income trap,” seminar participants conclude in Mauritius, after reviewing the track records of seven countries and how the IMF can help.

Rwanda’s Inclusive Policies Are Benefiting Nation’s Poorest

Rwanda’s economic performance since the turn of the century has been remarkable, as strong policies played a key role in maintaining annual GDP growth at around 8 percent since 2000, IMF staff say in a regular review of the East African nation’s economy.
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