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Changing Growth Trends Carry New Global Spillovers

As the global economy shifts from crisis to recovery mode, the changing growth patterns—with advanced economies generally recovering and emerging markets slowing on a broad basis—carry new spillover risks, says the IMF staff.

New External Assessments Reveal a Mixed Picture

The job of reducing external imbalances is not complete, says an updated analysis by IMF staff. The 2014 Pilot External Sector Report recognizes substantial progress relative to the pre-crisis peak imbalances, but sees much smaller progress more recently, and some cases of widening imbalances.

Slow but Steady Global Recovery in Need of Strong Policy Support

The IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook (WEO) Update says that global recovery continues but at an uneven pace, and that downside risks remain. Continued policy efforts are needed to secure a more robust recovery.

Concerted Efforts Needed to Boost U.S. Long-term Growth and Reduce Poverty

The U.S. recovery is gathering steam but managing the exit from zero interest rates and boosting potential growth remain top priorities, the IMF said in its most recent report on the world’s largest economy.

Eurozone: More Reforms Needed to Strengthen Recovery

The euro area is recovering, but policymakers must address deep-seated obstacles to growth to ensure a strong and durable recovery, according to the IMF’s latest report on the currency area.
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