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F&D Magazine’s 50th Birthday Issue Looks at Global Economics

The IMF’s Finance & Development (F&D) magazine marks its golden anniversary with a number of special features in its recently released September issue on the future of the global economy and a look back at how things have changed over the past 50 years.

Good Administration of Oil and Mining Revenues is Vital

Effective administration of public revenues derived from the petroleum and mining industries gets a boost with the release of a new IMF handbook. Policymakers and government officials in charge of administering oil, gas and mining revenues now have practical guidelines at their disposal.

Fiscal Policy to Address Energy’s Environmental Impacts

Fiscal policies should be center stage in getting energy prices to reflect the harmful and environmental side effects associated with energy use, according to a new report released by the IMF.

Japan’s Bumpy Growth Path Puts Premium on Structural Reforms

In its latest assessment of the Japanese economy, the IMF said the recent economic reforms are taking hold, but they need to be more comprehensive and sustained for an extended period. This would help achieve the new inflation target and guard against headwinds from a shrinking labor force and a large fiscal adjustment need.

China Would Benefit from Slower but Safer Growth

After three decades of remarkable growth, China’s economy has been slowing. The country needs to implement the announced reform agenda and address vulnerabilities to secure a safer development path, said the IMF.
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