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Challenges Facing Small Middle-Income Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa - Part I

April 18, 2013

Categories: Annual and Spring meetings | Conferences | Africa

Antoinette M. Sayeh, Director of the African Department, IMF
Min ZHU, Deputy Managing Director, IMF
Anne-Marie Gulde-Wolf, Deputy Director, African Department, IMF
Ms. Cristina Duarte, Finance Minister of Cape Verde
Lamin Leigh, African Department, IMF
Therese Turner-Jones, IMF Mission chief for Barbados
Martin Petri, IMF Mission Chief for Mauritius
Christopher Towe, Deputy Director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department
Ebson Uanguta, First Deputy Governor of Bank of Namibia
Sukhwinder Singh, IMF Mission Chief for Cape Verde
Yibin Mu, Economist for South Africa, IMF
Rundheersing Bheenick, Governor of Bank of Mauritius
Kal Wajid–Division Chief, African Department, IMF

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