Pilot External Sector Report

Date: July 2, 2012
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Summary:This Pilot External Sector Report (ESR) provides a multilaterally consistent analysis of the external positions of major world economies. Following the recommendations of the 2011 Triennial Surveillance Review and the Managing Director’s Statement on Strengthening Surveillance, the focus of the analysis has been broadened beyond exchange rates to detailed examinations of current accounts, reserves, capital flows, and external balance sheets. It draws upon the Research Department’s past and new methods for assessing current accounts and real exchange rates (see Appendix I), and on previous IMF analytical work on exchange rates, capital flows and measures, and reserves adequacy.

Consultation on IMF External Sector Assessments

Series : Policy Paper
Subject(s): External sector | Current account balances | Balance of payments | Capital flows | Financial risk | Fiscal policy | Fiscal consolidation | Monetary policy | Reserves adequacy | Flexible exchange rates | Integrated surveillance | External Sector Report