China: Economic Reform and Macroeconomic Management

Author/Editor: Bléjer, Mario I. ; Burton, David ; Dunaway, Steven Vincent ; Szapary, Gyorgy
Publication Date: March 15, 1991
Summary: China encountered problems preserving economic stability while pursuing reforms aimed at increasing its economic flexibility and efficiency. This paper examines China's experience with market-oriented reforms since 1978, offering lessons for other centrally planned economies in the midst of transition to free markets.
Series: Occasional Paper No. 76
Subject(s): Economic reform | Monetary policy | Fiscal policy | Demand for money | China

Publication Date: March 15, 1991
ISBN/ISSN: ISSN 0251-6365 ; ISBN 1-55775-202-8 Format: Paper
Stock No: S076EA0000000 Pages: v+38
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