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Selected Decisions and Selected Documents of the International Monetary Fund

List of
Annual Reports to the Executive Board available in full text.

Annual Report
of the Executive Board for the
Financial Year Ended April 30, 1996


Part 1
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Letter of Transmittal 
Year Sees Swift Response to New Challenges
  of Globalized Markets; Financial Support
  for Members Rises to Record Levels

Part 2
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The Global Economy
Main Developments in the World Economy
  Economic Activity and Employment
  Consumer and Commodity Prices
  Financial and Foreign Exchange Markets
  External Balances, Financing, and Debt

Part 3
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World Economic Outlook
  Global Situation
  Industrial Country Policies
  Developing Country Policies
  Policies in Economies in Transition

Part 4
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International Capital Markets
  Turbulence in Emerging Capital Markets
    Spillovers from the Mexican Crisis
    Capital Flows to Developing Countries
    Recovery of Some Emerging Markets
  Major International Capital Markets
    Regulatory and Supervisory Issues
    Problems in Japan's Financial Sector

Part 5
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Fiscal Considerations in Policymaking
  Quasi-Fiscal Operations of Public Financial Institutions
  Aging Populations and the Fiscal Impact
    of Public Pension Plans
  Taxation and Unemployment

Part 6
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Present and Future Role of the SDR

Part 7
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The Fund in 1995/96
The Role of the Fund: Financing and Its Link to Surveillance
  Rationale for Fund Financing
  Future Need for Fund Resources

Part 8
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Fund Surveillance
  Review of Policies Under the Madrid Declaration
  The Fund's Statistical Policy and Provision
    of Data for Surveillance
  Other Issues in Surveillance
    Progress Toward Economic and Monetary Union
    Capital Account Convertibility
      and Implications for Fund Policy

    Banking System Soundness and Macroeconomic Policy
    Governance Issues

Part 9
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Data Dissemination Standards
  Establishment of the Special Standard
  Electronic Bulletin Board
  General Standard

Part 10
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Article IV Consultations
  Industrial Countries
    United States
    United Kingdom

Part 11
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  Smaller Industrial Countries

Part 12
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  Developing Countries
    Côte d'Ivoire

Part 13
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  Economies in Transition
    Slovak Republic

Part 14
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Fund Support of Member Countries
  Member Countries' Use of Fund Facilities
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Burkina Faso
    Costa Rica
    Côte d'Ivoire
    El Salvador
    Kyrgyz Republic
    Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
    Papua New Guinea
    Sierra Leone
  Analytical Issues in Fund Support
    Response of Investment and Growth
      to Adjustment Policies and Composition
      of Fiscal Adjustment and Growth

    Bilateral and Multilateral Aid Flows
      and Fund-Supported Programs

  Adapting Fund Facilities
    Emergency Financing Mechanism
    Fund Policy with Regard
      to Currency Stabilization Funds

    Fund Involvement in Post-Conflict Countries
    Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility

Part 15
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Debt Situation and the Role of the Fund
  Official Flows to Developing Countries
  Problems of Heavily Indebted Poor Countries
  Private Market Financing for Developing Countries
  International Debt Adjustment

Part 16
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Fund Financial Operations and Policies
  Fund's Liquidity, Access Policy, and Borrowing
  Members' Use of Fund Resources and Credit Outstanding
    Stand-By and Extended Arrangements
    Special Facilities
    SAF and ESAF
  Fund Income, Charges, and Burden Sharing
  Overdue Financial Obligations
  Progress Under the Strengthened Cooperative Strategy
    Intensified Collaboration and the Rights Approach
    Remedial Measures
  SDR Transactions and Operations
    SDR Valuation and Interest Rate Basket
    SDR Transfers
    Pattern of SDR Holdings

Part 17
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Technical Assistance and Training
  IMF Institute
  Fiscal Affairs Department
  Legal Department
  Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department
  Statistics Department
  Treasurer's Department
  Bureau of Computing Services

Part 18
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I. International Reserves

Part 19
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II. Financial Operations and Transactions of the Fund

Part 20
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III. Relations with Other International Organizations

Part 21
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IV. External Relations

Part 22
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V. Principal Policy Decisions of the Executive Board

Part 23
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VI. Press Communiqués of the Interim Committee and the Development Committee

Part 24
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VII. Executive Directors and Voting Power on April 30, 1996

Part 25
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VIII. Changes in Membership of Executive Board

Part 26
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IX. Administrative and Capital Budgets, Staffing, and Organization

Part 27
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X. Financial Statements

Part 28
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Glossary of Abbreviations

Part 29
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    Board of Governors, Executive Board,
      Interim Committee, and Development Committee
1. Fiscal Problems and Policies
2. SDR Seminar Addresses Several Issues
3. Initiatives to Strengthen Fund Surveillance
4. Initiatives in Openness
5. Fund Data Standards at a Glance
6. Fund Facilities and Policies
7. Guidelines on Performance Criteria with Respect
    to Foreign Borrowing
8. The Emergency Financing Mechanism
    and Supplementary Borrowing
9. Guidelines for Fund Support for Currency
    Stabilization Funds
10. Operational Budget
11. The Fund's Holdings of Gold
12. Designation Plan
13. The Evaluation Function in the Fund
14. Departments of the Fund and Their
      Major Responsibilities

Part 30
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1. Overview of the World Economy
2. Selected Economies: Current Account Positions
3. The Special Data Dissemination Standard:
    Coverage, Periodicity, and Timeliness
4. Article IV Consultations Concluded
    in Financial Year 1996
5. United States: Selected Economic Indicators
6. Japan: Selected Economic Indicators
7. Germany: Selected Economic Indicators
8. France: Selected Economic Indicators
9. United Kingdom: Selected Economic Indicators
10. Italy: Selected Economic Indicators
11. Canada: Selected Economic Indicators
12. Australia: Selected Economic Indicators
13. Austria: Selected Economic Indicators
14. Finland: Selected Economic Indicators
15. Argentina: Selected Economic Indicators
16. Botswana: Selected Economic Indicators
17. China: Selected Economic Indicators
18. Colombia: Selected Economic Indicators
19. Côte d'Ivoire: Selected Economic Indicators
20. India: Selected Economic Indicators
21. Indonesia: Selected Economic Indicators
22. Israel: Selected Economic Indicators
23. Korea: Selected Economic Indicators
24. Mexico: Selected Economic Indicators
25. Mozambique: Selected Economic Indicators
26. Nigeria: Selected Economic Indicators
27. Pakistan: Selected Economic Indicators
28. Peru: Selected Economic Indicators
29. Philippines: Selected Economic Indicators
30. Senegal: Selected Economic Indicators
31. Tunisia: Selected Economic Indicators
32. Georgia: Selected Economic Indicators
33. Mongolia: Selected Economic Indicators
34. Poland: Selected Economic Indicators
35. Romania: Selected Economic Indicators
36. Russia: Selected Economic Indicators
37. Slovak Republic: Selected Economic Indicators
38. Ukraine: Selected Economic Indicators
39. Selected Financial Indicators
40. Arrears to the Fund of Countries with Obligations
      Overdue by Six Months or More
41. Arrears to the Fund of Countries with Obligations
      Overdue by Six Months or More, by Type
      and Duration
42. Change in SDR Valuation Basket
43. Transfers of SDRs
44. Technical Assistance Delivery

Part 31
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1. World Indicators
2. Selected Industrial Countries: Real GDP Growth
3. Developing Countries: Real GDP Growth
4. Selected Countries More Advanced in Transition:
5. Selected Countries Less Advanced in Transition:
6. Developing Countries and Countries in Transition:
    External Debt and Debt Service
7. Fund's Liquidity Ratio, 1982–96
8. General Resources Purchases and Repurchases,
    Financial Years Ended April 30, 1982–96
9. Total Fund Credit Outstanding to Members
    (Including Trust Fund, SAF, and ESAF)
10. Composition of Technical Assistance
11. Cost of Major Activities
12. International Monetary Fund: Chart of Organization
13. Financial Year 1996 Capital Budget and Five-Year Plan