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Humans and Intelligent Machines

Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, says intelligent machines are your friends.

In this podcast, Kurzweil talks about how artificial intelligence is helping overcome our human limitations and creating better-paying jobs.

“That’s the purpose of technology, and we are the only species that creates technology. That was enabled by the expansion of the neocortex 2 million years ago—we used that additional neocortex to invent technology. The first technology was language so we could share ideas. Technology is a body and brain extender.”

Kurzweil has shared some of his own ideas over the past few decades. His famous music synthesizer in the 1980’s was the first to accurately recreate the complex harmonic structure of a grand piano. He also invented speech recognition machines and the flatbed scanner, to name a few. But Kurzweil is also an entrepreneur, and was invited to the 2016 IMF World-Bank Annual Meetings to join in a panel discussion on how new technologies are shaping the global economy.

Kurzweil says intelligent machines—or AI's as they are called—are often portrayed as villains in science fiction movies, but he believes they are doing more good than harm.

Listen to the podcast:

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