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Chart of the Week

Charts Spotlight Inflation, Economic Growth, Globalization, and Climate Change

A look back at the most popular charts on IMF Blog in 2023

Our most-read Chart of the Week blogs last year show reader interest tracking the most pressing issues for the global economy. From inflation and economic growth to housing, food prices, globalization, and climate change, these visualizations encapsulate the biggest challenges policymakers faced—and may keep confronting in the year ahead. Follow the links below to read more:

Europe’s Inflation Outlook Depends on How Corporate Profits Absorb Wage Gains

Higher prices so far mostly reflect increases in profits and import costs, but labor costs are picking up

June 26, 2023

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Surged to Record $7 Trillion

Scaling back subsidies would reduce air pollution, generate revenue, and make a major contribution to slowing climate change

August 24, 2023

World Economic Outlook Shows Economies Facing High Uncertainty

The Chart of the Week brings together our economic forecasts, which reveal weaker growth amid an uncertain outlook with high downside risks

April 19, 2023

Asia Poised to Drive Global Economic Growth, Boosted by China’s Reopening

China and India together are forecast to generate about half of global growth this year

May 1, 2023

House Prices Continue to Fall as Borrowing Costs Rise

Property markets should enjoy greater stability when central banks slow or pause their campaign of raising interest rates to tame inflation

March 15, 2023

Charting Globalization’s Turn to Slowbalization After Global Financial Crisis

Trade openness increased after the Second World War, but has slowed following the global financial crisis

February 8, 2023

Global Food Crisis May Persist, With Prices Still Elevated After Year of War

International organizations repeat joint call for rapid action on food and nutrition security

March 9, 2023

Global Economic Uncertainty Remains Elevated, Weighing on Growth

From Brexit and US-China trade tensions to the pandemic and war, successive shocks have combined to keep uncertainty elevated

January 26, 2023

Climate Change is Disrupting Global Trade

Panama’s drought shows how trade disruptions from climate extremes can reverberate around the world


November 15, 2023

How Falling Home Prices Could Strain Financial Markets as Interest Rates Rise

Countries with elevated housing prices and high household debt issued at floating rates are particularly vulnerable to monetary policy tightening

May 31, 2023