Petra Moser on Italian Opera, World Fairs and Innovation

February 22, 2019

Much of what we consume today is content driven by creativity and innovation. (iStock by Getty images)

In This Episode

The effects of copyright and patent laws on artistic creativity and technological innovation are gaining more and more significance in today's economy driven to a large part by content. Economic historian Petra Moser uses data from 19th century Italian operas and world fairs to examine the economic implications of basic copyright and patent protection for innovators. In this podcast, Moser describes how Napoleon's military victories in Italy in the late 1700s changed the copyright landscape and created an excellent model to study the effects on Italian opera composers. Petra Moser is an associate professor of Economics at New York University, and was invited by the IMF's Institute for Capacity Development to present her research on the economic impact of creativity and innovation.

Petra Moser is an economic historian at the Stern School of Business, New York University. You can find her research papers at

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