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The Value of Whales and Every Other Breath

September 15, 2019

Whales absorb more carbon than rain forests and help produce half of the planet's oxygen supply. (iStock by Getty Images/jamesteohart)

July was the hottest month on record according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Scientific research now indicates more clearly than ever that our growing carbon footprint is warming the planet at an alarming rate and threatening our ecosystems. In this podcast, economist Ralph Chami, and whale conservationist Michael Fishbach, explain the carbon capture potential of whales and how supporting international efforts to restore whale populations around the world is one of the simplest ways to fight climate change.

You can also read Ralph Chami's article Whales Fight Climate Change in the online edition of Finance and Development Magazine.

Ralph Chami is an Assistant Director in the IMF's Institute for Capacity Development, and Michael Fishbach is the Executive Director of the Great Whale Conservancy.