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Safeguarding Food Security in sub-Saharan Africa

June 3, 2020

One-third of the world’s droughts occur in sub-Saharan Africa. (iStock by Getty Images/crazydiva)

Sub-Saharan Africa is on the front lines of climate change with extreme weather wreaking havoc on infrastructure and agricultural production. COVID-19 introduces yet another level of risk to the food chain. In this podcast, IMF economists Pritha Mitra and Seung Mo Choi say the increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters is weighing down on the region, which relies heavily on rainfed agriculture. The latest Economic Outlook for sub-Saharan Africa looks at how the region can better manage the types of shocks that threaten its food supply.


Pritha Mitra and Seung Mo Choi are both economists in the African Department at the IMF.