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Sanjeev Gupta: Military Spending in the Post-Pandemic Era


May 27, 2021

Worldwide defense spending is nearly half of what it was during the Cold War period, but it still weighs heavy on budgets in many countries. (iStock by Getty Images/shauni)

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Covid-19 has left government budgets across the globe scrambling for revenues and having to reassess their tax and spending policies. For some countries– especially those in conflict areas, spending on defense eats up precious resources that could otherwise go toward other forms of public spending like education, health and infrastructure. In this podcast, economist Sanjeev Gupta says keeping global tensions in check would have long-term economic benefits.   Transcript

 Look for Military Spending in the Post-Pandemic Era in Finance and Development Magazine.

SANJEEV GUPTA is senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development, Washington, DC.

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