Inclusive growth

Rohini Pande on Inclusion Economics

Rohini Pande

August 6, 2021

Rohini Pande says better institutions make life fairer.

In This Episode

Inclusion doesn't just happen; it takes policies that intentionally serve the very specific purpose of ensuring inclusion. That is the focus of Rohini Pande's work these days as the Director of Yale's Economic Growth Center. Pande is one of the most influential development economists of her generation, always looking for ways for the poor to increase their influence and claim their fair share of growth. In this podcast, Pande speaks with journalist Rhoda Metcalfe about how tackling poverty depends less on direct aid and more on creating effective democratic institutions so that vulnerable populations can push their representatives to implement redistributive policies.  Transcript

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Rohini Pande is Professor of Economics at Yale University and Director of the Economic Growth Center.

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