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Maximo Torero Cullen on the Looming Food Crisis

July 28, 2022

FAO Chief Economist says helping vulnerable countries finance the higher cost of food imports would help avoid food shortages and minimize the risk of social unrest. (Photo: Courtesy of FAO)

Inflation has pushed up prices for almost everything, but rising food prices could mean life or death for people in countries already struggling with conflict, economic downturns, and the effects of climate change. Maximo Torero Cullen is Chief Economist for the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization, which tracks global food security. In this podcast, Torero says wheat and fertilizer supply shortages have driven up prices and increased food import bills for the most vulnerable countries by more than 25 billion dollars, putting 1.7 billion people at risk of going hungry. Transcript

Maximo Torero Cullen is Chief Economist for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)