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OAP Coffee Hour (Japanese talk event)

OAP Coffee Hour Series

Speaker:Naoko Miake, Economist, OAP, IMF
More Information (JAPANESE)

June 24, 2015
Tokyo, Japan


Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Economic Outlook: Navigating Headwinds and Sub-Saharan's Trade Integration in the Global Economy

OAP Monthly Economic Issues Seminar

Speaker:Roger Nord, Deputy Director, African Department, IMF
Presentation-Overview Chapter

Speaker:Wenjie Chen, Economist, African Department, IMF
Presentation-Global Value Chain Chapter

Regional Economic Outlook: Sub-Saharan Africa

June 16, 2015
Tokyo, Japan


Afghanistan: Reforms to Build Self Reliance and Prosperity

OAP Monthly Economic Issues Seminar

Speaker:Paul Ross, Deputy Division Chief/Mission Chief for Afghanistan, Middle East and Central Asia Department, IMF


June 9, 2015
Tokyo, Japan


Global Economy and Financial Markets - Outlook and Policy Challenges


Speaker:Yuko Kinoshita, Deputy Head of Office, IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Presentation (Japanese)

May 21, 2015
Tokyo, Japan


World Economic Outlook-Global Prospects and Analytical Chapters

OAP Monthly Economic Issues Seminar

Speaker:Samya Beidas-Strom, Senior Economist, Research Department, IMF

Speaker: Davide Furceri, Economist, Research Department, IMF

WEO Chapter 1: Uneven Growth: Short- and Long-term Factors

WEO Chapter 3: Where are We Headed? Perspectives on Potential Output

WEO Chapter 4: Private Investment: What’s the Holdup?

IMF World Economic Outlook Webpage

April 23, 2015
Tokyo, Japan


Inequality: What has been happening, why does it matter, and what can be done?

Conference Jointly organized by Hitotsubashi University and the IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Seminar Website

March 12-13, 2015
Tokyo, Japan


20th Anniversary of the Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia

JISPA Newsletter Release
Fifth Issue: June 2014
Forth Issue: March 2014
Third Issue: December 2013
Second Issue: September 2013
Inaugural Issue: May 2013

The IMF, in cooperation with the Governments of Japan, has been administering the Japan-IMF Scholarship for Asia since the 1990s with the aim to enhance the financial and economic policy making capacity of Governments in Asia and the Pacific through training government officials.

Message from the Director
Message from the Alumni

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Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP)

As the IMF's window on the region, the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP) contributes to economic surveillance and research, takes the lead in the IMF's on-the-ground involvement in regional cooperation, manages regional capacity building programs, and promotes the understanding and two-way dialogue of the IMF in Asia and the Pacific.

OAP Brochure (PDF)

Director: Odd Per Brekk (Bio)

Deputy Head of Office: Yuko Kinoshita (Bio)

Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JISPA)

Scholarships for junior government officials from key economic agencies in Asia and the Pacific who wish to pursue graduate-level economics at Japanese universities. Learn More

Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Advanced Studies (JISP)

A two-year scholarship for Japanese students to pursue a Ph.D. in Macroeconomics abroad Learn More
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IMF Survey

"What Can Boost Female Labor Force Participation in Asia? "
Author: Yuko Kinoshita ; Fang Guo
"How Inclusive Is Abenomics? "
Author: Chie Aoyagi ; Giovanni Ganelli ; Kentaro Murayama
"Asia’s Quest for Inclusive Growth Revisited "
Author: Chie Aoyagi ; Giovanni Ganelli
"Unstash the cash! Corporate governance reform in Japan "
Author: Chie Aoyagi ; Giovanni Ganelli
"Balance Sheet Repair and Corporate Investment in Japan "
Author: Joong Shik Kang
"Japan’s Corporate Income Tax: Facts, Issues and Reform Options "
Author: Ruud A. de Mooij ; Ikuo Saito
"Health Spending in Japan: Macro-fiscal Implications and Reform Options "
Author: Masahiro Nozaki ; Kenichiro Kashiwase ; Ikuo Saito
"Is Japan’s Population Aging Deflationary? "
Author: Derek Anderson ; Dennis P. J. Botman ; Ben Hunt

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