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Stranded: Inequality, House Prices leaving People Trapped

September 27, 2019

More people are getting stuck in decaying metro areas unable to move to locations with better prospects. (iStock by Getty Images/pixelfit)

Migration is on the front burner these days. We hear a lot about people moving from one country to the next, fleeing conflict or seeking a better life. But what about the movement of people within a country? Economist Tamim Bayoumi says a well-functioning economy has people moving around to maximize their own welfare and in turn maximize the system; a basic tenant of market economics. Bayoumi is coauthor of Stranded! How Rising Inequality Suppressed US Migration and Hurt Those "Left Behind. In this podcast, Bayoumi says increasing house price and income inequality has reduced long distance migration, the type most linked to jobs.

Tamim Bayoumi is Deputy Director in the IMF’s Strategy, Policy and Review Department.