G. Russell Kincaid

Director, Office of Internal Audit and Inspection
(January 2010 -- September 2013)

Biographical Information

G. Russell Kincaid, a U.S. citizen, has been Director of the Office of Internal Audit and Inspection (OIA) since January 2010, serving also as the secretariat for the IMF’s Advisory Committee on Risk Management. Mr. Kincaid joined the IMF in 1976, working for the Middle East Department, the Asian Department, the European Department, and the Strategy, Policy, and Review Department. Immediately prior to moving to OIA, Mr. Kincaid served as the Acting Secretary of the Fund.

Mr. Kincaid has worked on many advanced and emerging market economies in the context of surveillance and IMF-supported programs and contributed to the development of IMF policies on surveillance and lending as well as on IMF governance matters. He has published on issues related to macroeconomic and financial policies, exchange rate assessments, sovereign debt management and restructuring, and policy implications of trends in international capital markets.

He was also member of the Editorial Board for IMF Staff Papers. He taught at Columbia University, and was a visiting fellow at the European Commission, Directorate General for Economic and Monetary Affairs.

Mr. Kincaid graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics with highest honors from UCLA and obtained a Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University.