Shogo Ishii

Director, IMF's Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific(OAP)
(February 2010 -- July 2013)

Biographical Information

Mr. Ishii, a Japanese national, joined the IMF in 1981 and has held a variety of senior positions in the Asia and Pacific Department (APD), including mission chief to Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam as well as Senior Resident Representative in Thailand. He has also worked in the former Monetary and Financial Systems Department and the former Policy Development and Review Department. During 1989-92, Mr. Ishii was an advisor at the former Export-Import Bank of Japan. Mr. Ishii holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Economics from Nanzan University and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Oregon.

OAP, which is located in Tokyo, is part of the APD. It monitors economic and financial developments in the region to help bring a more regionally focused perspective to the IMF’s surveillance, participates in regional fora on monetary and finance cooperation, and helps promote the IMF’s engagement in the region. It also organizes and/or participates in conferences/events that offer a forum for discussion of current topics central to the IMF’s work.