Pre-Lesson (Part 2): International Banner

Pre-Lesson (Part 2): International

(Activity: Fifth Ring)

Theme: International


  1. Enable students to work together and individually to explore geography on a local and international level.
  2. Students will demonstrate object-based learning and make connections between objects and geography.

Rationale: Living in a global economy, it is important for students to understand the international influences among their own country and other countries.


Recap of Pre-Lesson (part 1):
Where did all the objects that we discussed yesterday come from? These objects were either made in the United States or in other countries. But also think about the raw materials to make the objects. For example, someone might have selected a photograph to define his or her family. Where was the camera made that took the picture? Where were the film, pho-tography paper and development chemicals made? Japan is known for making and export-ing cameras — possibly many of these objects were made in Japan.

Let's now look at the fifth ring — the world. Your homework assignment was to bring to class an object from another country. Everyone will have an opportunity to share his or her object with the class and to point on the world map where the object is from. By sharing our objects from other countries, we will see how international and integrated our world is. (This exercise can also be illustrated by having all the students look at the labels in their clothing.)

When we do the International Monetary Fund activities, we will explore how goods are traded from one country to another and learn about the role of the IMF in international trade and cooperation.

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