Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Reviews the Fund's Transparency Policy
August 15, 2005

Review of the Fundís Transparency Policy
May 24, 2005

Transparency at the IMF
A Factsheet

The Fund's Transparency Policy--Proposed Amendments

Prepared by the Legal and Policy Development and Review Departments

July 28, 2005

The Proposed Decision in this document was adopted by the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund on August 4, 2005 and is now in force.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Main Policy Changes to Be Reflected in the Transparency Decision

  3. Other Miscellaneous Amendments to the Transparency Decision

  4. Original Staff Proposals Not Retained

  5. Changes Not Requiring Amendments to the Decision


  1. Summary of the Main Proposed Changes to Fund’s Transparency Policy


  1. Proposed Decision—Amendments to Transparency Policy Decision
  2. Proposed Decision—Amendments to Transparency Policy Decision: Redlined Version