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The Recommended Treatment of Selected Direct Investment Transactions

Classification of Financial Derivatives Involving Affiliated Enterprises in the Balance of Payments Statistics and the International Investment Position (IIP) Statement (231 kb PDF file), 2002

Foreign Direct Investment Statistics: How Countries Measure FDI

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SIMSDI Latest Update: Glossary of Terms and Definitions

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The Glossary of Direct Investment Terms and Definitions (148K PDF file) is based on the methodology for compiling foreign direct investment (FDI) set out in the international standards, namely, the fifth edition of the IMF's Balance of Paymentws Statistics Manual (1993), and the third edition of the OECD's Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment (1996).

The definitions in this glossary are those used in the 2001 update of the Survey of the Implementation of Methodological Standards for Direct Investment (SIMSDI), the results of which are shown in the FDI metadata for individual participating countries, and the cross-country FDI comparison tables.

Direct Investment Methodology: Individual Country Metadata

Direct Investment Methodology: Cross-Country Comparison Tables