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Portfolio Investment

CPIS Data and Metadata

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Coordinated Portfolio
Investment Survey Guide, second edition

The Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey Guide, second edition, (Survey Guide) is provided to assist national compilers in the conduct of the Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS) sponsored by the IMF's Statistics Department. The survey is conducted on an annual basis.

The Survey Guide has two main purposes:

(i) To set out the objectives of the CPIS; and

(ii) To provide practical advice on how to prepare, organize, and conduct the national portfolio investment survey.

The Survey Guide consists of six chapters and seven appendices. The chapters set out the purpose, scope, and modalities for the CPIS; concepts and principles underlying the CPIS; and provide guidance in the compilation of portfolio investment positions. The appendices set out a number of report forms that compilers might wish to adopt in national portfolio investment surveys.

Copies of the Survey Guide are available from the IMF Publications Services (Tel: (202) 623-7430, Fax: (202) 623-7201, email: