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December 2006 Cover Art

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Finance & Development
A quarterly magazine of the IMF
December 2006, Volume 43, Number 4

List of Articles in 2006


Camilla Andersen profiles Otmar Issing, December

Anthony Annett, Reform in Europe: What Went Right? September


Back to Basics: Regressions: Why Are Economists Obsessed with Them? March; Demystifying Hedge Funds, June; What Is the Demographic Dividend? September; Do Current Account Deficits Matter? December

Martin Neil Baily and Diana Farrell, Breaking Down Barriers to Growth, March

Robert H. Bates, Beyond the Ballot Box, December

Agnès Belaisch and Alessandro Zanello, Deepening Financial Ties, June

Abdoulaye Bio-Tchané and Benedicte Vibe Christensen, Right Time for Africa, December

David E. Bloom and David Canning, Booms, Busts, and Echoes, September

John Bryant and Audrey Sonerson, Gauging the Cost of Aging, September

David Burton, Wanda Tseng, and Kenneth Kang, Asia's Winds of Change, June


Tim Callen, Marco Terrones, and Angela Espiritu, The Slowdown in Global Housing Markets, December

Giuseppe Carone and Declan Costello, Can Europe Afford to Grow Old? September

Jakob Christensen, Anne-Marie Gulde, and Catherine Pattillo, Bankable Assets, December

Daniel Citrin and Alexander Wolfson, Japan's Back! June

Jeremy Clift profiles Asian Development Bank President Haruhiko Kuroda, March

Country Focus: Mozambique, March; ASEAN-4 (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand), June; Kazakhstan, September; Central African Economic and Monetary Community, December


Anthony Elson, What Happened? June


Ambroise Fayolle, Out of the Trap, December

Wim Fonteyne, EU: From Monetary to Financial Union, June


Atish Ghosh and Uma Ramakrishnan, Do Current Account Deficits Matter? December

W. Todd Groome, Nicolas Blancher, and Parmeshwar Ramlogan, Aging and Financial Markets, September

Anne-Marie Gulde and Catherine Pattillo, Adding Depth, June

Sanjeev Gupta and Yongzheng Yang, Unblocking Trade, December


Ricardo Hausmann, Dani Rodrik, and Andrés Velasco, Getting the Diagnosis Right, March

Peter S. Heller, Asia: Ready or Not, September

Paul Hilbers, Inci Otker-Robe, and Ceyla Pazarbaşıoğlu, Going Too Fast? March


Emmanuel Y. Jimenez and Mamta Murthi, Investing in the Youth Bulge, September

Simon Johnson, Jonathan D. Ostry, and Arvind Subramanian, Levers for Growth, March


Michael Klein, Taking Care of Business, December

Charles Kramer, Asia's Investment Puzzle, June


Philip R. Lane and Gian Maria Milesi-Feretti, Examining Global Imbalances, March

Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason, What Is the Demographic Dividend? September

Danny Leipziger and Roberto Zagha, Getting Out of the Rut, March

Raymond Lim, Point of View: Creating a Globally Connected Asian Community, June


Calvin McDonald, Volker Treichel, and Hans Weisfeld, Enticing Investors, December


Catherine Pattillo, Sanjeev Gupta, and Kevin Carey, Growing Pains, March

People in Economics: Haruhiko Kuroda, March; Paul Krugman, June; Robert Mundell, September; Otmar Issing, December

Picture This: Globalization at Work, March; Asia's Role in the World Economy, June; Global Demographic Trends, September; The Slowdown in Global Housing Markets, December

Lant Pritchett, The Quest Continues, March


Raghuram Rajan, Separate and Unequal, March; Crabs in a Bucket, June; From Paternalistic to Enabling, September; The Great Game Again? December

Rodney Ramcharan, Regressions: Why Are Economists Obsessed with Them? March

Dilip Ratha, Asia's Role in the World Economy, June

Larry Rosenberg and David Bloom, Global Demographic Trends, September


George Schieber, Lisa Fleisher, and Pablo Gottret, Getting Real on Health Financing, December

Dorothea Schmidt, Globalization at Work, March

Andrew Sheng, The Art of Reform, June

Straight Talk: Separate and Unequal, March; Crabs in a Bucket, June; From Paternalistic to Enabling, September; The Great Game Again? December

Arvind Subramanian profiles economist Paul Krugman, June

Mark Sundberg and Alan Gelb, Making Aid Count, December


Paul Toungui, Spend Now or Save? December

Adair Turner, Pension Challenges in an Aging World, September


Angel Ubide, Demystifying Hedge Funds, June


Laura Wallace profiles economist Robert Mundell, September

James T. Walsh, New Customs, March

Jeffrey G. Williamson, Global Migration, September


Roberto Zagha, Gobind Nankani, and Indermit Gill, Rethinking Growth, March

Book Reviews

Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson, Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy, June

Kern Alexander, John Eatwell, and Rahul Dhumale, Global Governance of Financial Systems, June

Michael Barnett and Martha Finnemore, Rules for the World: International Organizations in Global Politics, March

Guillermo A. Calvo, Emerging Capital Markets in Turmoil: Bad Luck or Bad Policy? September

Fernando Cardoso, The Accidental President of Brazil: A Memoir, December

Daniel Cohen, Globalization and Its Enemies, December

Padma Desai, Conversations on Russia: Reform from Yeltsin to Putin, December

William Easterly, The White Man's Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good, September

Jeffry A. Frieden, Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century, September

Devesh Kapur and John McHale, Give Us Your Best and Brightest, June

Franco Modigliani and Arun Muralidhar, Rethinking Pension Reform, June

Moisés Naím, Illicit: How Smugglers, Traffickers, and Copycats Are Hijacking the Global Economy, March

Hilton Root, Capital and Collusion: The Political Logic of Global Economic Development, December

Joseph E. Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton, Fair Trade for All: How Trade Can Promote Development, March