Kosovo -- Progress in Institution-Building and the Economic Policy Challenges Ahead
December 6, 2001

Building Peace in South East Europe: Macroeconomic Policies and Structural Reforms Since the Kosovo Conflict
A joint IMF-World Bank paper for the Second Regional Conference for South East Europe
Bucharest, 25-26 October 2001

The Economic Consequences of the Kosovo Crisis: An Updated Assessment
May 25, 1999

Press Briefing: The International Comunity Responds to the Kosovo Crisis
April 28, 1999

The International Community Reponds to the Kosovo Crisis
April 27, 1999

The Economic Consequences of the Kosovo Crisis: A Preliminary Assessment of External Financing Needs and the Role of the Fund and the World Bank in the International Response
April 16, 1999

IMF Assistance to Post Conflict Countries

Emergency Assistance


Macroeconomic Issues and Fiscal Sustainability
Robert Corker, Dawn Rehm, and
Kristina Kostial

February 12, 2001

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Acronyms and Abbreviations

  1. Background

  2. Economic and Political Developments

  3. Fiscal Structure and the 2000 Budget

  4. The Path Toward Self-Sustainability
    2001 Budget
    Beyond 2001

  5. Conclusions
    1. Estimating GDP
    2. Medium-Term Fiscal Scenarios
      Macroeconomic Assumptions
      Revenue Projections
      Expenditure Projections
    1. Banking and Payments System
    2. Administrative Structures
    3. Tax Policy: Status and Outlook


    1. GDP, National Income, and Balance of Payments, 2000
    2. Budget Summary, 2000 and 2001
    3. Recurrent Budget, 1999-2001
    4. Integrated Budget, 2000
    5. Selected Countries: Government Expenditures
    6. Selected Transition Economies: Revenues as a Share of GDP
    7. Main Fiscal Scenario
    8. Main Scenario: Expenditure as Percent of GDP


    1. Selected Countries: Government Expenditure
    2. Selected Transition Economies: Budget Employment and
      Net and Gross Budget Wages
    3. Kosovo: Medium-Term Scenario
    4. Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina: Postconflict GDP per Capita
    5. Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina: Revenue and Budgetary Support
    6. Kosovo: Medium-Term Revenue Composition, 2000-06