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WEOmoderator Data cut-off question from Simon's blog
From a comment posted in Simon Johnson's Research Blog:
"When was the cut-off date for the latest data? Will GDP data from 17.03 (when Bulgaria released 2007 and revised 2006 data) be included in the WEO database?"

To answer the first question, the cut-off date for the April 2008 WEO was end March. To find when (i.e. the month) the last data submission was for a specific country, look at the "Data last updated" for the series in the "Country/Series-specific Notes" section.

In the case of Bulgaria, if you download their GDP data, you'll see it was last updated in March and the "Latest actual data" - that is, the last year of historical data - is 2007. Hence the GDP data from March 17 release are included.
4/9/2008 8:29:00 AM