Debt Limits in Fund-Supported Programs - Proposed New Guidelines - Supplementary Information and Proposed Decision

Date: August 20, 2009
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Summary:This supplement summarizes the reforms proposed in IMF (2009a, b)1 to the existing framework governing external debt limits in Fund-supported programs, and presents the proposed decision that is needed to implement these reforms. The supplement is organized as follows: Section II provides a brief commentary on the proposed decision, emphasizing key aspects of the proposed reforms set out in IMF (2009a, b) 1. Section III contains the proposed decision approving the new guidelines on external debt in Fund arrangements. The proposed new guidelines are included in the Attachment to the decision.

Series : Policy Paper
Subject(s): Debt sustainability | Low-income developing countries | Fund facilities | Access to Fund general resources | Concessional aid | External financing | Access limits | Public finance | External debt | Financial management | Debt management | Performance criteria | Fund approval proposed | Fund policies