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International trade
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Title: Launching Export Accelerations in Latin America and the World
Author/Editor:Valerie Cerra,Martha Tesfaye Woldemichael
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/43
Title: The Impact of Trade Agreements in Latin America using the Synthetic Control Method
Author/Editor:Swarnali Ahmed Hannan
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/45
Title: Revisiting the Link between Trade, Growth and Inequality : Lessons for Latin America and the Caribbean
Author/Editor:Kimberly Beaton,Aliona Cebotari,Andras Komaromi
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/46
Title: Revisiting the Potential Impact to the Rest of the Caribbean from Opening US-Cuba Tourism
Author/Editor:Sebastian Acevedo Mejia,Trevor Serge Coleridge Alleyne,Rafael Romeu
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/100
Title: Global Trade and the Dollar
Author/Editor:Emine Boz,Gita Gopinath,Mikkel Plagborg-Møller
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/239
Title: The Slowdown in Global Trade: A Symptom of A Weak Recovery
Author/Editor:Aqib Aslam,Emine Boz,Eugenio M Cerutti,Marcos Poplawski-Ribeiro,Petia Topalova
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/242
Title: FDI, Global Value Chains, and Local Sourcing in Developing Countries
Author/Editor:Vito Amendolagine,Andrea Presbitero,Roberta Rabellotti,Marco Sanfilippo,Adnan Seric
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/284
Title: The Economic Impact of Natural Disasters in Pacific Island Countries: Adaptation and Preparedness
Author/Editor:Dongyeol Lee,Huan Zhang,Chau Nguyen
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 18/108
Title: The Globalization of Farmland: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Author/Editor:Rabah Arezki,Christian Bogmans,Harris Selod
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 18/145
Title: A World Trade Leading Index (WTLI)
Author/Editor:Karim Barhoumi ; Laurent Ferrara
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 15/20
Subject: International trade ; Cyclical indicators ; Indicators of economic activity ; Data analysis
Title: Are They All in the Same Boat? The 2000-2001 Growth Slowdown and the G-7 Business Cycle Linkages
Author/Editor:Helbling, Thomas ; Bayoumi, Tamim
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 03/46
Subject: International trade ; Business cycles ; Economic growth ; Economic models
Title: Boom-Bust Cycle, Asymmetrical Fiscal Response and the Dutch Disease
Author/Editor:Arezki, Rabah ; Ismail, Kareem
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/94
Subject: Business cycles ; Commodity price fluctuations ; Economic models ; Fiscal policy ; Government expenditures ; International trade ; Natural resources ; Oil exports ; Oil producing countries ; Political economy ; Real effective exchange rates ; Revenue mobilization
Title: Can the Standard International Business Cycle Model Explain the Relation Between Trade and Comovement?
Author/Editor:Kose, M. Ayhan ; Yi, Kei-Mu
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 05/204
Subject: Business cycles ; International trade
Title: The Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade: Developments and Prospects
Author/Editor:Leidy, Michael P.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 98/51
Subject: International trade agreements ; Canada ; Trade restrictions
Title: Challenges to the Swedish Welfare State
Author/Editor:Lachman, Desmond ; Bennett, Adam ; Green, J. H. ; Hagemann, Robert P. ; Ramaswamy, Ramana
lblSeries:Occasional Paper No. 130
Subject: Economic recession ; Economic recovery ; Labor Markets ; Public finance ; Adjustment policy ; Public debt ; Social security ; Devaluation ; International trade ; Economic conditions ; Sweden
Title: Changing Nature of North-South Linkages: Stylized Facts and Explanations
Author/Editor:Akin, Çigdem ; Kose, M. Ayhan
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 07/280
Subject: Emerging markets ; Globalization ; International trade ; Capital flows ; Economic growth
Title: Changing Patterns of Global Trade
Author/Editor:Riad, Nagwa ; Errico, Luca ; Henn, Christian ; Saborowski, Christian ; Saito, Mika ; Turunen, Jarkko
lblSeries:Departmental Paper No. 12/1
Subject: International trade ; Developed countries ; Emerging markets ; Trade integration
Title: Chile: Selected Issues
lblSeries:Country Report No. 07/332
Subject: Banking systems ; Business cycles ; Credit ; Fiscal policy ; International trade ; Selected issues ; Chile
Title: China and Asia in Global Trade Slowdown
Author/Editor:Gee Hee Hong ; Jaewoo Lee ; Wei Liao ; Dulani Seneviratne
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 16/105
Subject: International trade ; China ; Asia ; Imports ; Goods ; Demand ; Consumption ; External shocks ; Spillovers ; Trade integration
Title: China's Foreign Trade Behavior in the 1980s - An Empirical Analysis
Author/Editor:Brender, Adi
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 92/5
Subject: International trade ; China ; Trade policy ; Terms of trade ; Export prices
Title: China: International Trade and WTO Accession
Author/Editor:Rumbaugh, Thomas ; Blancher, Nicolas R.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 04/36
Subject: International trade ; China ; World Trade Organization ; China, People's Republic of
Title: China’s Imports Slowdown : Spillovers, Spillins, and Spillbacks
Author/Editor:Alexei Kireyev ; Andrei Leonidov
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 16/51
Subject: Imports ; China ; Demand ; External shocks ; Spillovers ; International trade
Title: Collateral Damage: Exchange Controls and International Trade
Author/Editor:Wei, Shang-Jin ; Zhang, Zhiwei
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 07/8
Subject: Capital controls ; Capital account liberalization ; International trade ; Nontariff barriers
Title: Competitiveness in the Southern Euro Area: France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain
Author/Editor:Bennett, Herman Z. ; Escolano, Julio ; Fabrizio, Stefania ; Gutierrez, Eva ; Ivaschenko, Iryna V. ; Lissovolik, Bogdan ; Schule, Werner ; Tokarick, Stephen ; Xiao, Yuan ; Moreno Badia, Marialuz
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 08/112
Subject: France ; Greece ; Italy ; Portugal ; Spain ; Competition ; Exports ; Markets ; International trade ; Foreign investment ; Exchange rates ; Productivity ; Resource allocation
Title: Compiling and Using Export and Import Price Indices
Author/Editor:Zieschang, Kimberly D. ; Dridi, Jemma
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 02/230
Subject: International trade ; Consumer price indexes ; Economic models
Title: The Composition and Cyclical Behavior of Trade Flows in Emerging Economies
Author/Editor:De Bock, Reinout
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/46
Subject: Balance of trade ; Business cycles ; Capital goods ; Consumption ; Cross country analysis ; Economic models ; Emerging markets ; Exports ; Imports ; International trade ; Productivity
Title: The Costs of Sovereign Default
Author/Editor:Borensztein, Eduardo ; Panizza, Ugo
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 08/238
Subject: Sovereign debt ; Public debt ; External debt ; Financial risk ; Financial crisis ; Political economy ; International trade ; Bankruptcy
Title: Determinants of Argentina's External Trade
Author/Editor:Catão, Luis ; Falcetti, Elisabetta
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 99/121
Subject: Trade ; Argentina ; International trade ; Economic models
Title: Domestic Taxes and International Trade: Some Evidence
Author/Editor:Keen, Michael ; Syed, Murtaza H.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 06/47
Subject: Taxation ; Value added tax ; International trade ; Economic models
Title: Dynamic Factor Price Equalization & International Income Convergence
Author/Editor:Francois, Joseph ; Shiells, Clinton R.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 08/267
Subject: Prices ; International trade ; Demand ; Economic growth ; External shocks ; Income ; Spillovers ; Economic models
Title: The Dynamics of Product Quality and International Competitiveness
Author/Editor:Igan, Deniz ; Fabrizio, Stefania ; Mody, Ashoka
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 07/97
Subject: Export competitiveness ; Europe ; European Union ; International trade ; Consumer goods
Title: Economic Integration, Business Cycle, and Productivity in North America
Author/Editor:Cardarelli, Roberto ; Kose, M. Ayhan
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 04/138
Subject: Business cycles ; Canada ; United States ; Productivity ; Trade ; International trade agreements ; North America
Title: Economic Transformation, Population Growth, and the Long-Run World Income Distribution
Author/Editor:Chamon, Marcos ; Kremer, Michael
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 06/21
Subject: Development ; Economic growth ; Economic models ; Income distribution ; International trade ; Population
Title: Elasticity Optimism
Author/Editor:Imbs, Jean ; Mejean, Isabelle
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 09/279
Subject: Consumer goods ; Data analysis ; Economic models ; Exports ; Imports ; International trade ; Monetary policy ; United States
Title: Emerging Asia’s Impact on Australian Growth: Some Insights From GEM
Author/Editor:Hunt, Ben
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/262
Subject: Asia ; Australia ; Capital ; Commodities ; Cross country analysis ; Economic growth ; Economic models ; Emerging markets ; Imports ; International trade ; Labor productivity ; Production growth ; Real effective exchange rates ; Trade integration
Title: The Empirics of Exchange Rate Regimes and Trade: Words vs. Deeds
Author/Editor:Qureshi, Mahvash Saeed ; Tsangarides, Charalambos G.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/48
Subject: Bilateral trade ; Currency pegs ; Economic models ; Exchange rate regimes ; Exchange rate variability ; International trade ; Monetary unions

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