Monetary and Exchange System Reforms in China: An Experiment in Gradualism

Author/Editor: Mehran, Hassanali ; Quintyn, Marc ; Nordman, Tom ; Laurens, Bernard
Publication Date: September 26, 1996
Summary: In 1978, China embarked on a gradual but far-reaching reform of its economic system. This paper focuses on the achievements so far in reforming the financial sector, the legal framework for financial transactions, the payments system, and the monetary policy and foreign exchange system. It also analyzes the tasks ahead to achieve the goals set in these areas for the year 2000.
Series: Occasional Paper No. 141
Subject(s): Monetary policy | China | Economic reform

Publication Date: September 26, 1996
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN-1-55775-562-0 Format: Paper
Stock No: S141EA0000000 Pages: ix+90
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