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Update of the Quarterly National Accounts Manual

The IMF Statistics Department is updating the Quarterly National Accounts Manual: Concepts, Data Sources, and Compilation, which was first published in 2001. This update is required because of the many developments in the compilation of quarterly national accounts statistics since then, and the need to make the Quarterly National Accounts Manual fully consistent with the System of National Accounts 2008.

The updated Quarterly National Accounts Manual will have the same focus and will target the same groups as the 2001 version. It is aimed mainly at compilers of quarterly national accounts statistics but it is also of interest to users of these data. It will focus primarily on the compilation of quarterly GDP and will discuss the relevant data sources as well as the statistical techniques widely used in the compilation process.

The Update Outline presents the proposed structure of the Updated Quarterly National Accounts Manual, the main issues identified for the manual update, and the preliminary schedule for the update process.

The draft chapters will be posted on this website when they become available and we welcome comments and suggestions. To comment on the draft chapters, please complete the Comment Form and submit to Any technical material and research papers on quarterly national accounts methodology that may be relevant for this update can also be forwarded to this mail box.

Update of the Quarterly National Accounts Manual: An Outline


Draft Chapters for Comments

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1. Introduction

March 15, 2017

2. Strategic issues in Quarterly National Accounts

June 15, 2016

3. Sources for GDP and its Components

September 30, 2014

4. Sources for Other Components of the 2008 SNA

June 30, 2016

5. Specific QNA Compilation Issues

June 30, 2016

6. Benchmarking and Reconciliation

April 30, 2014

7. Seasonal Adjustment

December 15, 2014

8. Price and Volume Measures

September 30, 2014

9. Editing Procedures

September 30, 2015

10. Early Estimates of Quarterly GDP

January 15, 2017

11. Work-in-progress

August 31, 2016

12. Revisions

December 15, 2015