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Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

Prepared by the authorities of Sierra Leone
June 30, 2001

Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (I-PRSPs), prepared by member countries, summarize the current knowledge and assessment of a country's poverty situation, describe the existing poverty reduction strategy, identifies gaps in poverty data, diagnotics, and monitoring capacity, and lay out the process for addressing these gaps and producing a fully developed Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper in a participatory fashion. This country document is being made available on the IMF website by agreement with the member country as a service to users of the IMF website.

Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the full text (1,038kb)


Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1  Background
1.2  The Poverty Reduction Programme
Chapter 2. The Poverty Situation
2.1  The Macroeconomic Situation
2.2   Information and Institution for Poverty Analysis, Design, Implementation and Monitoring
2.3  Poverty Profile and Causes
2.3.1   Poverty profile
  a)   Income Aspects of Poverty
  b)   Non-income Aspects of poverty
  c)   Non-income Aspects of poverty
    i)   Education and Training
    ii)   Food Security
    iii)   Health, Water and Sanitation
    iv)   Women and Children
2.3.2   Causes of Poverty
  a)   Bad Governance and Economic Mismanagement
  b)   Poor Economic Growth
  c)   Increased Vulnerability from the Civil War
  d)   Unemployment and Underemployment
  e)   Lack of access to Social Services
  f)   Other factors
Chapter 2. The Poverty Situation
3.1  The Transitional Phase
  a)  National Security and Good Governance
  b)  Re-launching the Economy
  c)  Social Programmes
  d)  Ongoing Poverty Interventions
3.2 Medium -Term Phase
  a)  Good Governance Programme
  b)  Revival of the Economy
  c)  Social Sector Development
Chapter 4. Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy
4.1  Objectives
4.2  Monitoring Indicators
4.3  Focus Group Discussions
4.4  Service Delivery Surveys
4.5  Tracking Budgetary Expenditures
4.6  Data Sources and Dissemination
Chapter 5. Road Map
5.1 Governance and Institutional Arrangements for the Preparation of The Interim-Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (I-PRSP)
5.2  Plan for the PRSP Preparation
  5.2.1   Diagnostic Policy and Sector Reviews and Studies
  5.2.2   Participatory Data Collection Activities
  5.2.3   Drafting of the PRSP
  5.2.4   Technical Assistance Requirements
List of Annexes

Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the full text (1,038kb)