Last updated: April 2006
Volume 53, Number 1
IMF Staff Papers

Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area

Hamid Faruqee

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Abstract: Exchange rate pass-through in a set of euro area prices along the pricing chain is examined in this paper. First, a vector autoregression (VAR) approach is used to analyze the joint time-series behavior of the euro exchange rate and a system of area-wide prices in response to an exchange rate shock. Second, the impulse response functions from the VAR estimates are used to identify—in a "new openeconomy macroeconomics model"—the key behavioral parameters that best replicate the pattern of exchange rate pass-through in the euro area. A key finding is that traded goods—both extra-area exports and imports—behave as though they are predominately priced in euros. The area-wide findings are compared with those for other major industrial economies.
[JEL F41, F31, E31]